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What is my IP Address ?

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What is an IP Address ?

IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is the address that the devices connected to the Internet or any other computer network use to send data to each other over the network.

Each computer connected to the Internet is assigned an IP address, other computers access this computer with this address. That is, even if two different devices are not in the same local network, the IP address allows communication with each other.

Since IP-addresses are usually assigned to zones as blocks, the user's general information can be accessed from the IP address. The above map shows some of this information (country, city).

The IP addresses are currently 32 bits in length for IPv4, and are represented by 4 8-bit numbers separated by dots. For example:

A web page server can also be connected to a web browser by typing the IP address; however, since these numbers are not practical, a domain name system that corresponds to the IP address is used. A network of Domain Name Servers (DNS -Domain Name System) in Internet Service Providers maps to which IP address corresponds to which domain name corresponds to the correct addresses. Internet traffic is provided by the main IP addresses.