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What is my IP Address?

Your Ip Address is:

Your IP Address:
Your Port Number: 39720
Your Web Browser: Safari - Version: 534.57.2
Your Language: English,
Your Computer: Windows 8 - 64 Bit
Safe Connection: on
Connection Protocol protocol: HyperText Transfer Protocol /1.1
HTTP ACCEPT: text/html
You Came From Here:
Your Country: US

What is an IP Address ?

IP addresses are unique addresses that identify devices connected to the Internet or local network. It's sort of a sequence of numbers. Well, what exactly is a rope? The word IP; it consists mainly of the initials of the words Internet Protocol. Internet Protocol; is a collection of rules that govern the format of data sent over the Internet or local network.

IP addresses; hidden and generally divided into two. For example, when connecting to the Internet from home, your computer has a hidden IP ( to be transferred to your modem, while your modem has a public IP that everyone can see.

You can find out the IP address of your computer and other devices by querying. Of course, as a result of the ip address inquiry; you can also see which Internet service provider you're connected to and which network you're using. It is possible to query the IP address manually, on the other hand, there are also tools developed for this job.

How to Find an IP Address

One of the most frequently asked questions is "how to find an IP address?" The easiest way to find the public IP address of the router; It is to ask "What's my IP" on Google, that is, "What is my IP address?" Google will immediately answer this question at the top.

The discovery of the private IP address depends on the platform used:
In Windows:

 On MAC:

On iPhone:

 If you also want to find someone else’s IP address; the easiest of the alternative routes; A command prompt method on Windows devices. 

What Does IP Address Mean?

IP addresses determine which device to which device the information will go on the network. It contains the location of the data and ensures that the device is accessible for communication. Devices, different computers, routers and websites connected to the Internet need to be separated from each other. This is carried out by IP addresses and forms a basic principle in the operation of the Internet.

Practically, the question "what is an ip address?" can also be answered as follows: IP; The identification number of internet-connected devices. Every device connected to the Internet; computer, phone, tablet has an IP. Thus, they can be separated from each other on the network and communicate with each other via IP. An IP address consists of a series of numbers separated by dots. IPv4 is the traditional IP structure, while IPv6 shows a much newer IP system. IPv4; It is limited to around 4 billion IP addresses and this is quite inadequate for today's needs. For this reason, 8-set IPv6 with 4 hexadecimal digits has been developed. This IP method offers a much larger number of IP addresses.

On IPv4: Four sets of numbers are available. Each set can take between 0 and 255 values. Therefore, all IP addresses; It is located between and 255. 255. 255. 255. Other addresses contain different combinations in this range. On the other hand, in relatively newer IPv6, this address structure looks like this; 2600:1005:b062:61e4:74d7:f292:802c:fbfd.
A network of computers (Domain Name Servers - Domain Name Server (DNS)) in Internet service providers keeps information about which domain name corresponds to which IP address. Therefore, when someone enters the domain name in the web browser, they direct that person to the correct addresses. The processing of traffic on the Internet directly depends on these IP addresses.

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